With BUS4i ISB Disaster Recovery, "Rien ne vas plus" no longer has to be!

BUS4i ISB Disaster Recovery is the gateway to better availability of valuable transaction data. 
Our solution permanently backs up in real time all changes on the production system to a remote network storage system.
Thus, you avoid the loss of data between backups or snapshots of your production environment.
Lost data cannot always be re-entered in a time-consuming manner. Online orders or EDI orders often cannot be easily retrieved or reconstructed.

Your solution!

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Your advantages at a glance:

Fast setup
Installation and deployment happen extremely quick and efficient. Instead of weeks, this basically happens in a few days.
Simple operation
Operation, configuration, and use are extremely simple.
The BUS4i ISB DR solution is cost-effective. You do not need a second power machine as a backup. The copy is outsourced to a NAS or to the cloud.

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What BUS4i ISB DR can not do?

BUS4i ISB DR is not a business continuity like HA BUS4i. You always have to restore the existing IBM Power infrastructure and mirror the data back in case of a failure.
The BUS4i product line is Made in Germany.
For more than 20 years, our customers have entrusted their resilience to the BUS4i product line (formerly BUS/400).

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Good to know!

It is also possible to start with BUS4i ISB Disaster Recovery and then switch to complete BUS4i Business Continuity. 
By using the BUS4i Business Continuity system, you can perform tape backups at any time. You do not have to take production into account.
In addition, all read operations can be performed on the target system without affecting the performance of the production environment. For example, monthly runs or complex queries. It is also easy to set up a data warehouse.
When modernizing or updating your applications, they can be tested without risk and in complete peace of mind.  

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