Pick by Apps from T.S.P. - efficient, transparent and secure

Individual products, demanding requirements and short delivery times - the demands of our customers are increasing. A fast and faultless performance is still .the most critical factor for success. 
It is therefore even more important that not only warehousing, but also intralogistics processes such as order picking in the supply chain are processed correctly. Whether single-order, multi-order, parallel-order or two-stage picking, T.S.P. analyses the processes together with you so that all potentials are used in the best possible way.
With our apps, you can also store and transfer goods, ensure supply to production via KanBan, and handle other intralogistics processes without paperwork. Pick by App digitizes and modernizes logistics processes. 

The Pick by Apps from T.S.P. at a glance:

Which of the various methods is actually used in a warehouse depends primarily on the given requirements, such as the structure of the warehouse, the size and weight of the items present, or the industry. 
In the end the customer will always choose the most economical, flexible and efficient system.

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