Pick by Scan - Picking by Barcode Scan

Pick by Scan is one of the most established picking methods.
Here, mobile data capture devices replace the classic paper form of picking work. Mobile computers with integrated barcode scanners are used, which guide the employee step by step and lead him through the individual pick positions. Your employees can either carry the mobile computers on their arm or in a pouch on their belt.. Mounting on an industrial truck is also possible. 
Innovative back-of-hand scanners equipped with automatic triggers complete our product portfolio in terms of ergonomics.
All important information about the orders up to the individual pick positions is provided by the control station or the mobile terminal. With our specially developed online/offline adapter, you are always up to date. No matter which variant you prefer, as soon as the small mobile computer has captured a barcode, it moves on to the next process step.

Your advantages at a glance:

✓ Real-time communication via WLAN
✓ Paperless processes
✓ Direct feedback minimizes picking errors
✓ More transparency
✓ Dedicated assistance on the picking paths
✓ Management functions via the control station

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