BUS4i - the modern high availability for your IBM i Business Server!

The requirements for business continuity as we know it, are changing more and more. New challenges such as cloud and hosting mean that failover concepts must be constantly reviewed and adapted.
There is a need for greater flexibility and scalability, while at the same time being as easy to use as possible. Worldwide on premise locations or multi-cloud operation as well as operation by service providers should be possible without complications. But even planned downtimes such as server upgrades, backups, batch processes, etc. are no longer affordable for many companies today.  

The solution - our Business Continuity System BUS4i!

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Your solution for more security!

While high availability was often seen as an insurance policy in the past, today it is much more of a tool that is indispensable for day-to-day business. Be it for maintenance tasks, for the possibility to create new backup windows or even for cloud migrations during operation.

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BUS4i Business Continuity is flexible, cost effective and high performant.

We are happy to advise you right from the start.
Together, we will develop the right business continuity strategy for your company. This includes planning, implementation, training, managed services operation and 24/7 support options through our experts and partners.

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Rely on the advice of our business partners when it comes to purchasing IBM hardware and software. They can tell you the pros and cons of on premise and cloud setups. After all, in addition to your practical requirements, there is always a budget question that will be taken into account. Scaling and future-proofing should also be determined.

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Step 1: Analysis of the existing IT environment
Every consultation begins with an analysis of the existing environment so that the infrastructure and its protection against failures can be properly planned.
Step 2: Acquisition and support
We accompany you with your and our partners on the complete way from the initial analysis to the final implementation of the availability concept. Benefit from the many years of practical experience of our experts.
Step 3: Maintenance
As part of our standard maintenance, we offer you various options according to your needs. Our hotline is available 24/7 around the clock, 365 days a year. In this way, we ensure that you and our joint BUS4i business continuity system can always benefit flexibly from all future technical developments on the market.

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IBM Power i high availability as a managed service?

Would you prefer our business continuity experts to look after your systems? No problem!
Our experts monitor your BUS4i business continuity, automatically apply the latest updates and monitor your environment with our iMonitor software. We take care of your fail-safe IBM i environment.

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IBM Power i Business Continuity as a Managed Service?

Fast setup
Installation and deployment happen extremely quickly and efficiently. Instead of weeks, this basically happens in a few days.
Simple operation
Operation, configuration, and use are extremely simple.
Growing solution
BUS4i High Availability adapts to your requirements at any time. It doesn't matter whether you operate systems on premise or in the cloud. Whether physical or virtual. Even mixed environments are no problem. Even different operating systems are possible.
BUS4i Business Continuity is also tolerant with the available line connections. Whether dedicated or shared, whether fiber optic or copper, whether 1 GBit or significantly less, there are no particular challenges.

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Good to know!

It is also possible to start with BUS4i ISB Disaster Recovery and then switch to complete BUS4i Business Continuity. 
By using the BUS4i Business Continuity system, you can perform tape backups at any time. You do not have to take production into account.
In addition, all read operations can be performed on the target system without affecting the performance of the production environment. For example, monthly runs or complex queries. It is also easy to set up a data warehouse.
When modernizing or updating your applications, they can be tested without risk and in complete peace of mind.  

This is what customers say about our Business Continuity-System BUS4i:

Dachser se

Herbert Egner,
Head of Software Development

"By using BUS4i HA, we ensure the operation of our complex supply chains at all times. We can concentrate fully on our core business."

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