Warehouse Management from T.S.P. - your fast return on investment!

Warehouse Management from T.S.P. - offers you an efficient warehouse logistics solution that helps to make your warehouse processes economical, efficient and, above all, transparent.
The Warehouse Management System takes over the management, control and optimization of complex warehouse and distribution systems. In addition to the elementary functions of a warehouse management system such as quantity and storage location management, conveyor control and disposition, the scope of our WMS 3.0 also includes extensive methods and means for controlling system states and a selection of operating and optimization strategies. The essential task is the management and optimization of internal logistics processes.

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Our scope of services:

✓ Tracking of stock movements
✓ Inventory management down to the storage lot level
✓ Batch and best-before date management
✓ PPermanent, key date, time-delayed, or zero-quantity inventory
✓ Flexible stock-in, stock-out, stock-change, and replenishment strategies
✓ Goods receipt with notifications and automatic target/actual state comparison
✓ Priority-controlled picking with automatic replenishment
✓ Outgoing goods inspection with checked and confirmed loading lists
✓ Integration of warehouse management systems and high-bay racking control

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Our targets:

✓ Maximum productivity per unit area of the warehouse
✓ Cost minimization with optimum readiness for delivery
✓ Information being up to date at the highest level
✓ Integration of all functions of the warehouse
✓ Fail-safe operation of the system
✓ Easy handling of the devices

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Our path:

✓ Increased workflow productivity through wireless LAN
✓ Integration of all warehouse functions into one interactive process
✓ Information processing at any location in the warehouse
✓ Use of easy-to-operate and robust input and output devices

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Warehouse Management at a glance:

✓ Maximum efficiency in the throughput of goods through variable, system-controlled, and optimized storage and picking strategies
✓ Individual adaptation of industry-specific business processes while maintaining a high degree of standardization and maximum process depth
✓ Integration into ERP and e-commerce with real-time data exchange
✓ Maximum flexibility in the elaboration of processes
✓ Control of existing conveyor technology, high-bay racking control, miniload system
✓ Transparency of automated processes through control station with the option of manual intervention
✓ Visualization of the success-critical warehouse processes and key figures
✓ Optimal price / performance ratio

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✓ Faster and faultless goods receipt process
✓ Flexible and storage space-optimized putaway strategies
✓ Shortened preparation and setup times
✓ Route- and process-optimized picking strategies
✓ Significant increase in picking performance through radio data transmission
✓ Increase in picking accuracy to 99.9%
✓ Permanent and zero-quantity inventory, etc., leads to less effort and high transparency
✓ Optimized storage, retrieval, and transfer strategies
✓ Transparency of all relevant key figures such as pick performance, inventories, service level, etc. in the control station
✓ Control and optimal use of critical warehouse resources (forklifts, automated high-bay warehouse, etc.)

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Your advantages are:

✓ Decreasing complaint costs
✓ Increasing delivery quality
✓ Increasing customer satisfaction
Resulting in more profit!


Using web- or client-based mobile computers and our Pick by Apps, we provide you with a constantly updated overview of your warehouse stock, the degree of utilization of your warehouse, the performance of incoming goods, picking and all relevant logistical processes. External high-bay warehouses or automatic small parts warehouses are also integrated into our WMS.
Modern mobile devices such as scanner, headset and / or smart glasses enable an optimized intralogistics process and an efficient dialog is created with our WMS 3.0. 
Due to the increased freedom of movement, the processes are accelerated, qualitatively upgraded and ergonomic. Ergonomic breaks are eliminated. The immediate result: A significantly higher process quality, a better utilization rate of the operating resources, an increased economic efficiency by utilizing the available resources.

Enclosed is a video of one of our large warehouse logistics projects at our customer Rutronik.
Here, too, it became clear how important the dialog with our customers is.
Because from many small ideas and suggestions, an excellent, highly customized standard product was created for our customer.

This is what customers say about our Warehouse Management System:

Winner Spedition GmbH & Co. KG 

Mr. Metin Isiktas,
Head of IT 

"We chose WMS from T.S.P. because they have many years of experience in the industry and the system was customized for us."

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