Pick by Vision - Smart glasses keep the pick in view at all times!

Pick by Vision is the innovation in logistics and it is one of the latest methods in picking. 
With highest image quality and sharpness information is displayed via smart glasses directly in the field of vision of your employee, thus enabling error-free picking without obstacles . The environment other employees as well as forklifts always remain in focus.
The display offers superior color, contrast, and image sharpness as well as a focus with optimized distance for HMD applications to minimize eye fatigue.
The picker works undisturbed, hands-free and receives only the relevant information in real time on his glasses, so that he always has the current status of his order in view.

Your advantages at a glance:

✓ Order picker works hands-free
✓ All relevant data always in view
✓ Higher picking speed
✓ Error rate decreases
✓ Higher picking quality
✓ Fast navigation to the pick location
✓ Flexible deployment of employees

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