Power i -> 2 Cloud - your all-round carefree package!

The cloud is not a place, but an operating model. If you want to transfer your IBM System i server to such a modern operating model, our business continuity solutions will initially help you to achieve this risk-free and without interrupting your day-to-day business. "Cloud on the fly", so to speak.
In addition, our solutions enable seamless business continuity at any time, with any conceivable cloud provider (IBM, Microsoft, Google) and any conceivable variant from private to hybrid to public cloud in the usual T.S.P. quality and depth of support.

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We make business continuity simple and reliable. The rules of the game in the power cloud are different from those for operation in your own data center. For example, direct hardware access is not always possible, license transfers are not standardized, and so on.
As you can see, there is a lot to consider!

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That is why we rely on our experienced IBM partner ecosystem. It has been a market leader in this segment for several years and will be happy to explain to you the factors and options to consider for your individual Power i Cloud project.

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