Pick by Voice - hands free, view free via headset  

With T.S.P. Pick by Voice, mobile data collection by voice, you not only increase your efficiency, but at the same time the quality and accuracy of picking by standardizing all your picking processes. 
Pick by Voice works with the help of a headset, through which the picker is guided by voice command and also confirms his work by voice input.
There is no need for printed picking lists and the employee works hands-free.
In short, with Pick by Voice there is no need anymore for unnecessary manual operations such as handling paper lists and the employee is provided with a smooth, speedy workflow under optimal ergonomic conditions.

Your advantages at a glance:

✓ Paperless picking
✓ Intuitive operation
✓ Efficient mode of operation
✓ Optimum ergonomics due to "hands-free" and unobstructed view ofemployees
✓ Increased productivity thanks to optimized, faster processes
✓ Lower error rate and increase in quality

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